Premium Home Buyers


Premium Home Buyers (PHB) is a property first approach in real estate investing. Each property that we find is analyzed for multiple exit strategies even beyond our practice to ensure success in every deal as it starts with the purchase price.

We take into consideration opportunities such as fix and flip, income property, short term rental opportunities, and even rent to own. With this in mind, we know we are equipped for success for different outcomes.

Real Estate Investing starts with understanding your responsibilities for an acquired property. We believe that homes should be assets, not liabilities. With better planning, your investment can cash flow you now rather than waiting 30 years.

We have sophisticated training in finding off-market deals as well as an e-commerce background in running necessary ads for motivated sellers to work with us directly. Alternatively, we also have a group of real estate agents that are committed to providing us new deals that could be within our investment portfolio which gives us the first-hand opportunity for any properties across Ontario.


Using our sophisticated technology our team has mastered the art of the real estate investment property deal analysis, connecting you with better opportunities, faster.


Our team will deliver properties both on and off MLS. This gives you full scope to finding the perfect investment property.


Do you only practice acquisition for residential?

We are trained to do analysis for residential and multiplex properties.

I have a property but it’s not cash flowing me right now, what are my options?

We can definitely look into your situation, find out your goals, and see how we can work towards going (growing) there together.

What’s the difference in purchasing a property on my own than working with PHB?

In PHB not only do we present you properties, but we also present you opportunities.

We do our comprehensive deal analysis to identify possible opportunities and risks for every property post- acquisition.

How much do you charge for your leads after your assessment?

In At the moment we are focused on acquiring properties

we are willing on finding Joint Venture opportunities with. This means we do not charge for the lead as we are managing the deal for you.

I want to practice Buy, Renovate, Rent, Refinance, Repeat (BRRRR) is that within the scope of PHB?

In The BRRRR method is one of the exit strategy opportunities we present to you, if that is a strategy that you would like to hone into, we are willing to be the managing partner of your preferred exit strategy.