Why Real Estate?

Real Estate


Mutual Funds

Equity Build Up
Hard Assets
Tax Advantages

Why Invest With Us?

New Thinking

Premium Asset Management is committed to applying the new thinking necessary to address your most important challenges. We take a collaborative team-based approach, focus on quality and employ a comprehensive risk management discipline.

We Listen

To you, and to one another. Conversation with our JV partners and collaboration among our investment professionals provides the spark for our very best thinking. We understand your investment strategies and we work towards achieving it together.

We Create

Our solutions are often first-to-market and may even appear unconventional, because we believe it takes real creativity and invention to help solve your most important challenges. We create opportunities and we creatively structure deal that make sense financially.

We Perform

By many measures – from the performance of our strategies to the size of our business and the loyalty of our clients – we are an exceptionally strong and disciplined. Strong knowledge in many areas surrounding corporate accounting, corporate law, real estate law, mortgage, and Market analysis.

What Can I Invest With?

  • RRSP's
  • RRIF’s
  • RESP’s
  • TFSA’s
  • Mutual Funds
  • Stocks
  • High Interest Savings
  • GIC’s
  • Bonds
  • Savings
  • Unused Equity
Our Approach

✓ Selective

We are conservative and selective with every deal that presents itself to us.

✓ Transparency

We inform you of all possible scenarios good and bad.

✓ Consistency

Our process is automated to deliver new opportunities just as good as the last one!

✓ Opportunities

Option to be hands off or hands on a deal, ability to re-negotiate responsibilities and financial obligation and the best part, financial gain.

✓ Experts

You will have access to the team of experts respective to the field you need advice for!